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Our mission is to offer products that provide peace of mind for individuals and families.  Since 2009 Rockwell Water Systems has helped prepare thousands of households throughout the United States for the events we are now experiencing.  We appreciate all of our past customers and look forward to serving many more!

What else sets us apart from our competition?

  • Designed to fit through Doorways
  • Heavier Duty Tanks
  • Child Safe Locking Faucets

  • Modular Options
  • 3 Color Choices
  • Includes a Rotation Schedule

Multiple Color Options

You have 3 color options available to pick from in all Oasis tanks.

Anti-Airlock Cap

All our tanks feature our Anti-Airlock Cap it has a spring loaded valve that lets air in, as water goes out.

emergency water storage tank with hose and lower drain

Lower Drain

All of the Rockwell water tanks feature a lower drain with our high-quality brass valves making it easy to rotate water.

emergency water storage tank filling 5 gallon bucket from facet with easy to use removable key

Upper Valve

All of our tanks feature a high-quality upper valve making it easy for you to access your water and fill containers.

Water tank faucets with a safety feature

Removable Handle

Keeping your water storage kid safe. Our removable handle can be fit in to operate both our lower & upper valves.

Replacement Water Tank Faucets with key, water tank faucets made from brass, brass water tank faucets, heavy duty water tank faucets.

High-Quality Brass Valves

All of our tank feature our high quality brass valves that are long lasting and come with our pipe joint compound.

clean drinking water for an emergency


We are passionate about what we do and it shows.

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