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We have created starter kits that are perfect for those that are first starting out. Our starter kits are made of all of our great products, at a discounted price. Each of our starter kits will include your choice of tank, 1 high volume filter, 1 low volume filter, 1 water safe hose, 1 biofilm defender, and 1 leach barrier.

To learn more about our starter kits, click the link below.


We understand that many people do not have a lot of space available for water storage. That is why we strive to offer a range of tanks to accommodate for all situations. If you are tight on space, our stackable tanks are a great option. You will find the dimensions for each of our tanks under the "Product Details".

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The best color will be determined by where you plan to store your tank, and your personal preference. All of our tanks are made with UV inhibitors that help block out light but, our darker colored tanks (Granite & Blue) will block out more light than a white tank, and are great options for any location. The white tanks make it easy to monitor your water condition and levels but, should be stored in your basement, garage or a shaded area.

Yes. Each of our tanks comes with the vented lid, bulkheads and faucets installed.

Under the lid of each Rockwell Water Tank, you will find a packet that contains your faucet keys, instructions, warranty info, and your rotation schedule!

Rockwell Water Tanks are made from a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The resin we use has very high resistance to chemicals, and is a very durable material that allows for more flexibility, higher impact, and better puncture resistance.



We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to a quality product. Our factory second tanks consist of tanks with cosmetic defects that only affect the appearance of the tank and not the functionality. These tanks are still guaranteed to hold water and are covered by our 3-year warranty. Currently our factory seconds can only be picked up locally from our Clearfield location.

Rockwell Water Tanks are not intended to be pressurized in line but, it can be done with some modification to the tank.  We generally discourage inline water storage due to contamination to your water source if the water supply is corrupted. A stand-alone Rockwell tank helps ensure your source is protected from contamination and other threats to your source. If any modification is made to the original product, the warranty will be void.


The best place to store your tank is in your basement, garage, or a temperature controlled environment. You will need to make sure the floor is level, and can handle the weight of your filled tank which can be over 2,000 lbs depending on the size. It is also important to make sure you have proper access to your tank to drain and rotate your water in the future.

Yes, you can store your water tanks outside but, it is not the ideal location for your water tank. When storing your water tank outside, your tank is more prone to damage, and your water will be affected by ranging temperatures, direct sunlight, and potential freezing during the winter. To help keep your water storage fresh when storing outside, we recommend rotating your water every 6 months, filtering, and using a water testing kit.

Our 3-year warranty does not cover any damage caused by storing your tank outside, or caused by ranging temperatures.

Yes, our tanks can handle the heat but, a hot environment is not ideal for the water in your tank. The heat can cause the tank to become an incubator and allow for algae and bacteria to grow inside your tank. If you plan to store your tank in a hot environment, we suggest choosing a darker colored tank to help block light, pre-filtering your water, and rotating your water every 6 months.

Our 3-year warranty does not cover any damage caused by storing your tank outside, or caused by heat.

Yes, with severe temperatures it is possible for your water to freeze inside your tank. We always suggest storing your tank somewhere that is temperature regulated when possible. If you are unable to do so, we suggest draining your water 10-12% to allow for expansion and help prevent any damage to your tank.

Our 3-year warranty does not cover any damage caused by storing your tank outside, or caused by cold temperatures.

While not necessary, it is a good idea.  The static generated during the manufacturing process can leave small harmless particles in the tank that should be rinsed out. Any residual particles that are not flushed during the rinse will float to the top when filling and can then be removed.

Some customers will pour one or two cups of unscented bleach on the inside walls of the tank and then rinse for added peace of mind. 

We always suggest filling your tanks with water from a clean, trusted source. Generally, the city water that comes from your tap is a good option. If your water is coming from wells, rainwater, and other outside sources, it is important to make sure your water is treated and filtered before storing it. Proper treating of your water, along with using a water safe hose will help prevent growth of bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and other contaminants. See below links to our filters and our water safe hose.

High volume filter

Low volume filter

Water safe hose

Cities spend a lot of money treating your drinking water with the appropriate chemicals.  The cleanliness and type of hose you use to fill your tank with are just as important to consider as chemical treatments.  If you are
uncertain of the source or water reports indicate high levels of certain contaminants, it may be more important to filter your water than to treat it with chemicals.  Unscented bleach and FDA approved water tablets will prolong the life of your source and kill any residual bacteria. Rockwell Water Systems promotes regular rotation and filtration before adding more chemicals.

1. Water Source

We always suggest filling your tanks with water from a clean, trusted source. If you are uncertain of the quality of the water, it is important to make sure your water is treated and filtered before storing it. Proper treating of your water, along with using a water safe hose, will help prevent growth. See the links below for our filters, and water safe hose.

High volume filter

Low volume filter

Water safe hose

2. Location

It is also important to consider the location where you are storing your water tank. The best place for your tank is out of direct sunlight, and in a cool, temperature regulated environment. This could be your basement, or your garage. If your water tank will be exposed to ranging temperatures, it is important to rotate your water every 6 months to help keep your water clean.

When we say "Rotate your water" we mean out with the old and in with the new. It is recommended that you drain your stored water every 6-12 months and fill it again with water from a trusted source using a water safe hose. Rotating your water will help keep your water storage fresh and help prevent any build up of bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Assuming that your tanks were filled with a clean water safe hose we recommend the following: Every 6 months if your tank is stored in a garage or is exposed to varying temperatures.

Every 12 months if your tank stored in a basement with limited heat exposure.

Up to 5 years if you have used our biofilm water treatment and your water is stored in a temperature regulated location, basement or garage.

Rockwell Water Tanks use a very high quality, food grade polyethylene which are engineered with UV inhibitors to optimize long term water storage.  As a general rule, the quality of water you put in the tank is the quality you will get out of the tank. With that being said, here is our recommendation based on research and experience.

Water stores best in clean, cool, dark areas.  We promote water rotation and help facilitate that with our ROTATION SCHEDULE which is included with every tank purchase.

Rotation helps preserve the valuable minerals in water. There are many ways to treat water or products that claim to extend the life of the water.  While we offer these products due to demand and for practicality. We promote rotation and replenishment with clean sources of water.

We have designed our tanks to drain easily from the bottom spigot. Simply hook your water safe hose or a garden hose to your tank and open the valve. (remember to only fill your tank with a water safe hose, NOT a garden hose)

If your tank is stored in basement you can drain into a floor drain, tub, toilet or outside depending on the set up.

If your tank is stored in a garage you can drain it onto your lawn, use the water for your garden, use the water to rinse tools and equipment, wash a pet, or simply run the water directly into the gutter.

Each situation is different. We encourage everyone to get as much use out of this valuable source of water as possible when rotating.

Yes, but it is very important to understand the weight on your water tank. A full water tank can range between 500 - 2,000+ lbs. We NEVER recommend storing your water tank on top of something that is hollow, that absorbs water, that is flimsy, that breaks down overtime, or anything that you are unsure can hold the weight. If you are looking for a safe option to separate your tank from the ground, our leach barrier is a great option.


We do our best to keep shipping low and sometimes even eat some of the shipping costs. Due to our tanks being a large product, they ship via freight on a pallet. To save on shipping costs, you can pick up locally or you can help lower shipping cost per tank by ordering more than one tank. If you are only wanting one tank you can always place an order with your family, friends or neighbors!

Contact us if you are ordering 6 or more tanks. We will put together a special quote, and help you save on shipping costs.

For 6 or more tanks.  Please contact us at 888-765-9355 or email support@rockwellproducts.com and we’ll hook you up.

Yes, we currently offer local pickups from our location in Clearfield, UT. You can select local pickup when you are checking out.

We will match or beat our competitors pricing. Just give us a call.

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