Water Storage Tanks

drought preparedness how much water do I need to survive an emergency

Calculate How Much Water You Need.

In an emergency, you will need at least 5-10 gallons of water per person for food storage, basic drinking and sanitary needs. Water is the most important part of survival but often overlooked when it comes to emergency preparedness. Rockwell offers a simple, safe, self contained solution without the need to dedicate large spaces to water storage. Check out our water calculator to determine your water needs!

Why Rockwell Water Storage Systems?

Our mission is to offer products that provide peace of mind for individuals and families.  Since 2009 Rockwell Water Systems has helped prepare thousands of households throughout the United States for the events we are experiencing now. 

• The Original Elliptical Emergency Water Storage Tank

• True 28” Fits through More Doorways

• Heavy Duty Shatter Resistant HDPE Materials

• Child Proof Locking Faucets

• 3 Color Options

• Includes a Rotation Schedule

Rockwell Water Storage vs Other Methods

We use only the safest materials for our tanks. That means we are BPA free, have child safety features, heavy duty shatter resistent materials, and a rotation schedule. Keeping your water safe, clean, and secure.