Preparing now
for the unexpected.


How much water do you need?

In an emergency, you will need at least 5-10 gallons of water per person for food storage, basic drinking and sanitary needs. Water is the most important part of survival but often overlooked when it comes to emergency preparedness. Rockwell offers a simple, safe, self contained solution without the need to dedicate large spaces to water storage. Check out our water calculator to determine your water needs!

Compare Our Tanks

Quality Materials

BPA Free Plastic, UV Resistent, FDA and NSF Approved

Anti Airlock Cap

Lets air in as water goes out for a constant, steady flow

filter compatible tank screw on filter water storage tank

Filter Compatible

Easily ensure all your water is clean and ready to drink

Elliptical Shape

Fits through standard doorways

emergency water storage tank with hose and lower drain

Lower Drain

Making it easy to drain old water

child proof faucet key for emergency water storage tank

Removable Valve Keys

Built-in childproof keyholders

rain water collection tank


Have Extra water on hand.

Water Poisoning.

Ensure a clean water source.

Nuclear Fallout.

Prepare for the worst.
water when pipe is broken

Broken Pipes.

Have water when the tap turns off.


Drinking water when the storm hits.