Pool, life straws, water heaters will not solve the problem

  • Pool, life straws, water heaters will not solve the problem  

Pool Water in an emergency? Bad Idea. Think about it for a minute. The chemicals, the human juices, the unknown, the access and availability after a disaster. Why gamble? 


It might work if you have the right equipment, but it might not.  Why gamble with water? Let the neighbors and wildlife fight over the pool water. Purchase the best in home high-capacity emergency water storage tank available on the market. Our Oasis 150 Gallon and 250 Gallon water storage tanks take all the fun out of gambling with water.  They are safe, clean, secure and designed to fit in your home. 


Water Heaters? Bad Idea.  The number one problem with water is not earthquakes or droughts but contamination.  Your water heater is plumbed directly into your main water line.  If the water is contaminated, how will you know? Better buy one our filters or better yet just get a huge Rockwell Water barrel. Fit four 40-gallon water heaters in ONE or our 150-gallon tanks or six 40-gallon water heaters in ONE of our 250-gallon water tanks. There’s always a better way! 


Life Straws? Bad Idea. Bending over a sucking water from a stream? Not a long-term survival plan. How do you hydrate freeze dried food, provide water for your family, or flush a toilet with a lift straw? Keep the life straw if you have to run but if you need to stay home our emergency water storage tanks will supply for the bare necessities.  Get more water and enjoy some of the daily luxuries that only a fresh source of water can provide! 

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