Rockwell Water Tanks use a very high quality, food grade polyethylene which are engineered with UV inhibitors to optimize long term water storage.  As a general rule, the quality of water you put in the tank is the quality you will get out of the tank. With that being said, here is our recommendation based on research and experience.

  • Assuming that the tank was filled with a clean water safe hose we recommend the following:
  • Every six months if your tank is stored in a garage or is exposed to varying temperatures.
  • Every 12 months if your tank stored in a basement with limited heat exposure.

Water stores best in clean, cool, dark areas.  We promote water rotation and help facilitate that with our ROTATION SCHEDULE which is included with every tank purchase.

Rotation helps preserve the valuable minerals in water. There are many ways to treat water or products that claim to extend the life of the water.  While we offer these products due to demand and for practicality. We promote rotation and replenishment with clean sources of water.

We have designed our tanks to drain easily from the bottom spigot. Simply hook your clean water safe hose or a garden hose to your tank and open the valve.

If your tank is stored in basement you can drain into a floor drain, tub, toilet or outside depending on the set up.

If your tank is stored in a garage you can drain it onto your lawn, use the water for your garden, use the water to rinse tools and equipment, wash a pet, or simply run the water directly into the gutter.

Each situation is different. We encourage everyone to get as much use out of this valuable source of water as possible when rotating.

Our Oasis 150 Gallon tanks actually hold 158 gallons of water. (598 Litres)

Our Oasis 250 Gallon tanks actually hold 258 gallons of water. (976 Litres)

Our Polyethylene tanks have up to a 2.5% shrinkage factor during manufacturing.  We take a conservative approach regarding gallons to ensure our customers have the gallons we claim and some extra for emergencies.

Oasis 250 Gallon Tank 

28” Wide 36” Long 80” High (To the Top of the Lid)

150 Gallon Tank 

28” Wide 36” Long 50” High (To the Top of the Lid)

Our 28” Width allows our tanks to fit through all standard doorways and doorways in many older homes.  An inch or two makes a big difference when situating tanks.

Rockwell Water Tanks are not designed to be pressurized in line.  Many people like the idea of having a tank like this, however, contamination is one of the greatest threats to your water source.  Contamination is difficult to prevent and detect.  An in line system, unless modified extensively would be contaminated compromising the safety or your drinking water.  A stand-alone Rockwell Water System tank helps ensure your source is protected from contamination and other threats to your source.

Cities spend a lot of money treating your drinking water with the appropriate chemicals.  The cleanliness and type of hose you use to fill your tank with are just as important to consider as chemical treatments.  If you are uncertain of the source or water reports indicate high levels of certain contaminants, it may be more important to filter your water than to treat it with chemicals.  Unscented bleach and FDA approved water tablets will prolong the life of your source and kill any residual bacteria. Rockwell Water Systems promotes regular rotation and filtration before adding more chemicals.

Yes. Each tank comes with a spring loaded cap and bulk heads.  In addition, under the lid of each Rockwell Water Tank is a packet with fittings: 2 lead-free locking faucets and 2 keys, Installation Instructions and Pipe Dope.

We prefer pipe dope over Teflon tape. Most professional plumbers would agree.  It costs more to provide but the long term durability of brass on plastic is well worth it.

No.  Our Oasis 150 Gallon Tank is not designed to be stackable.  Stacking tanks comes with inherent risks both when filling and when draining. While the stackable tank concept is popular, unless the tank is engineered properly, over time the tanks will deform and lose their structural integrity.

Rockwell Water Tanks are made from a Linear Low-Density Polyethylene.  For water storage manufacturers recommend this plastic. While referred to as a Low-Density plastic in the molecular make-up, the resin has a very high resistance to chemicals and is very durable. Our resin allows for more flexibility, higher impact and puncture resistance than HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

For 6 or more tanks.  Please contact us at 888-765-9355 or email [email protected] and we’ll hook you up.

Yes. While it would take severe temperatures for a prolonged period of time at 32 degrees or below, it can happen.  We recommend storing tanks where they will not freeze.  If you are unable to do so, drain 10-12% of the water from the tank to allow for expansion if freezing occurs.

While not necessary, it is a good idea.  The static generated during the manufacturing process can leave small harmless particles in the tank that should be rinsed out.  We recommend rinsing the tank prior to putting on the spigots.  Any residual particles that are not flushed during the rinse will float to the top when filling and can then be removed.

Some customers will pour one or two cups of unscented bleach on the inside walls of the tank and then rinse for added peace of mind.  Once again, not necessary but not a bad idea.

  • Oasis 250 Gallon Tank 45-60 Minutes Depending on Water Pressure and Flow
  • Oasis 150 Gallon Tank 30-45 Minutes Depending on Water Pressure and Flow
  • Oasis 250 Gallon Tank 90-95 Minutes
  • Oasis 150 Gallon Tank 55-60 Minutes