Installation and Assembly

The Oasis 150 and 250 water storage systems were carefully designed to provide a dependable source for safe drinking water in the event your main water source is no longer viable. Please read this entire manual prior to installing your tank to ensure the best possible results for your new water storage system.

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Part Replacement

Occasionally a faucet key is lost or a bulk head is cross-threaded. We are here to help support part replacement and provide as much customer support as possible!

If you need a part replaced or would like to add an accessory, please visit our “All Products” page.

If you need to replace a bulk head, please see some helpful instructions here.

Filling, Draining and Cautions


  1. Ensure both spigots are closed using key to close valves
  2. Remove lid, wipe off any dust to prevent contamination
  3. Fill with sanitary grade water hose (not a garden hose)
  4. Monitor tank while filling to avoid overflow or spills
  5. When water level is above both spigots, check for leaks
  6. Should a leak begin, simply tighten spigot and/or bulkhead (nut tightens counter-clockwise) and then recheck
  7. When tank is full, turn off water supply and replace lid


  1. Connect hose to bottom spigot
  2. Run hose to floor drain, lawn or other location determined appropriate for draining water
  3. For faster draining, remove lid
  4. Open spigot using key to drain
  5. After water is drained, rinse the tank and tilt tank slightly forward so excess water will drain


  • Do not store any items on top of tank, lid, or spigots
  • Fill with potable water only using an FDA approved drinking water hose. Do not fill with any other liquid
  • Do not allow tank to freeze or tip over. Damage from freezing or tipping are not covered by the warranty
  • Ensure spigot screws straight into bulkhead and does not bind. Cross threading will damage the threads
  • This system is designed with removable keyed handles on each spigot. Use the key storage on top of tank to prevent accidental drainage by children
  • Store out of direct sunlight to maximize tank life
  • Using a good filter and water storage additive can maximize water purity for long-term water storage
  • Store tank on surface which is flat, level and can hold weight of full tank at 400 lbs per square foot


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