How often do I need to rotate my water?

Water will stay the freshest if rotated every 6-12 months. Temperature, sunlight, and water quality all affect the frequency of rotations.

How much water do I need?

The amount you store depends on your family size and needs. Don’t forget that food storage can take a lot of water to prepare and clean up. The minimum should be 3 gallons, per person, per day. Use this calculator to help you determine your water storage needs.

Rotation vs. Water Treatment?

We designed our tanks to make rotating your water simple and easy; however, if you want to extend the time between rotations, there are products available to keep your water fresh and clean for up to 5 years. Some common chemicals used are chlorine (unscented bleach) and Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen.

Are bulk order discounts available?

Yes. We offer discounts based on how many tanks are ordered at one time. Discounts range from 5-20%, so talk to your family, neighbors, church, and other organized groups about putting together a group order. Call 1-888-765-9355 for more information.

Can I become an authorized dealer?

Yes. Call 1-888-765-9355 for more information.